Friday, April 1, 2016

Weekend Wrap-Up


Happy Friday, you guys! This week went by so quickly (which is a really good thing since Loverboy was out of town on business), and it really doesn't seem like the weekend is here. But alas, the calendar doesn't lie, and praise Jesus we've made it! We have a fun and relaxing weekend ahead of us, which is so needed. I'm excited to spend some time with friends, but also just to have some downtime around the house with each other. Here are this week's finds!

1. This Bathroom 5 Ways by Coco & Kelley makes me yearn for the day when we have a normal bathroom and I can actually decorate/accessorize! (Our house is a little quirky and neither of our bathrooms have sinks in them!)

2. This is a great article about 10 Things Men & Boys Can do to Stop Human Trafficking. Please read this if you are a male, are married to a male, have a male friend, or know a male.

3. I have been kind of obsessed with Lauren Daigle for the last few months. I got her CD for Christmas and haven't gotten sick of it yet, despite listening to it almost every day since then on the way to and from work! Take a listen!

4. I've seen this before and when I stumbled across it again I was like "yes!" How not to say the wrong thing to someone who's in crisis. Comfort in and dump out, people.

5. Last, but not least, this is a PSA that Fixer Upper Season 2 is coming to Netflix today!!! YOU'RE WELCOME. Now go get your stretchy pants on and binge away!

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