Thursday, April 7, 2016

5 of Our Go-To Recipes

Happy Thursday! The weekend is drawing near, which means more time for cooking delicious meals and hosting friends and family. Since I recently wrote about dining tables and hospitality, I thought I would share with you some of our go-to recipes, both for entertaining, and for a quiet night in just the two of us.

1. Sausage Pasta
The perfect comfort food! Plus, it's basically a one-pot recipe. We love making this when we have one other couple over because not only is it the perfect amount of food for four, but it's also beautiful and tasty!

This chicken is amazing! All the flavors put together make a really unique and delicious combo and it's perfect for tacos (as the recipe suggests), but also works well over rice or with veggies.

This recipe is easy but makes tacos go from "meh" to "woah!" It's also an amazing chip dip. A couple things... I cook the onion and garlic in with the corn, and use feta cheese. So. Good. Major crowd pleaser!

This is our go-to quick meal! It legitimately takes 10 minutes and can be paired with veggies and any kind of carb (pasta, rice, potatoes, couscous, etc) for a healthy and fast meal.

This one's a favorite for the sheer quantity it makes, as well as how fancy it looks. The flavors are amazing and it works super well as leftovers. We'll often make a double batch of the filling and then freeze some of it to make with squash later.

And just for fun... here are a few cookbooks I've had my eye on. Has anyone used any of them? Any other good cookbook recommendations? 


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