Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Living Room Updates & Dining Room Reveal

It's been awhile since I've shared our home here on the blog, and a lot has changed! (Because let's be real, change happens around here every week or so.) The last time I shared our living room, we had far less seating and the vintage mirror and bar cart hadn't made an appearance yet. Although we liked the spaciousness of the first arrangement, bringing in our other couch has been the best idea ever. Not only is our living room more cozy, but much more practical, which in the end is probably more important than the cuteness factor. 
I'm still so obsessed with this giant rug we got for the living room! I might have to do a post on good rug sources soon. 

Here's the cute little bar car that I snagged for $15 at a thrift store in Nebraska last year. There are some missing wine glasses on the bottom that are waiting to get washed from a little double date dinner we had the other night. It's my favorite when things like that are just a little "off" because it reminds me that we actually live here and this house "works" for us! 

Speaking of working for us, we've so loved this little 4-seater table, but are hoping to move on soon to something a little larger. (No, this is NOT a pregnancy announcement... we just really want to be able to invite more than two people over for dinner at a time!) So the last week has consisted of lots of internet research and checking things out at a few stores, and will hopefully result in a new big table that will allow lots of room for rambunctious dinners and more of those wine glasses getting used. ;)

Thanks for taking a peek into our living and dining room! Maybe one of these days I'll get around to showing you our upstairs. :)


  1. Replies
    1. Made possible in part by YOU! I'm sure you recognize quite a few of the little pretties displayed. :)

  2. What an eye for design you have! (But then, I remind myself ... she got a degree in design.) Looks very nice!

    I'm having my own table dilemma this week ... our oval table maxes out at about 8 people, we can push it to 9. We're having 13 people for dinner on Thursday night, so we'll be extending our eating space into our living space and rearranging a couple of chairs to make room for a portable table. Hopefully once we have all those special friends around the table, we won't care how haphazard it looks!

    1. I think when there are 13 people they expect that not everyone is going to fit around the dining room table, so you should be safe! ;)


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