Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Interior Inspiration: Laundry Rooms

1 // 2 // 3 // 4

I get all the heart eyes when I look at these photos. There's just something about a pretty laundry room that makes me so happy! But let's be real, at this stage in life, just having laundry in our unit makes me happy. :)

Our current laundry situation is two small machines that are in separate corners of the room, with the washer hooking up to the sink and the dryer venting out into the room. Not exactly ideal, BUT we have a washer and dryer! All to ourselves! That we don't have to feed quarters! Woo!

But let's just dream for a minute, shall we? Eventually we'll be living somewhere else, and maybe, just maybe, I'll get to have a bit more fun with a laundry room/space. And when that day comes, I've got some inspiration for it.

I love the natural, clean feeling of the above photos, and I also love that there are some bold choices going on. Because a laundry room usually isn't a space that you're in 24/7 and is often smaller, you can go with some crazier patterns and colors. I LOVE that wallpaper choice on the top right, and the large map on the lower left brings in the perfect pop of color. The wood countertops over the machines are not only beautiful, but functional for folding and stacking. There's just so much good going on in all these photos. I love how the owners have taken something as basic and drudgery-esque (totes a word) as a laundry room and made it into something beautiful and functional. Every room deserves some love, so why not give some to your laundry room today?


  1. Would LOVE you to remodel our laundry room! Laundry could even feel glamorous with these looks. Please...?

    1. I would love that! Spending other people's money is oh so fun! ;)


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