Thursday, February 25, 2016

SE Asia Recap: Thailand Safari & Tourist Days

After our time visiting the different ministries in Thailand and Cambodia, our team flew back to Bangkok and then headed down to Cha-am, a small town on the west Gulf of Thailand that is known as a local tourist spot. Our team spent a couple days together just relaxing, debriefing, and enjoying the sites. We rented mopeds and went to a nearby night market, as well as to a safari! Our last hurrah as a team was to go on an elephant ride, then everyone split up to go their separate ways. 

Brian and I stayed at the safari a bit longer to play with the baby tigers, lions, and leopards, which was super fun and adorable! We then checked into a secluded little resort by the ocean for a few days more of relaxation and decompressing. It was so needed after the week and a half of non-stop ministry and sickness. :) Below are some pictures from the end of our trip. Enjoy!

The resort our team stayed at for a couple days. We were on the 17th floor!

I loved relaxing in the hammock for a couple hours one afternoon. Much needed rest!
Brian loved getting to be on two wheels again! But in Thailand, you drive on the left side of the road. I only had to remind him once. :)
The view from the elephant.
Our teammates, Brad and Kristin.

Our elephants were good buddies. :)

Oh, hello.

Definitely a highlight! The white lion cub was so beautiful! House cats may not be my cup of tea, but big cats definitely are!

The baby tigers were only 3 weeks old and cried like babies! They were so precious.

That tiger definitely looks like he's going after Brian...

Not the best picture, but I'm laying on a TIGER!

So cuddly!

Sometimes ordering off a Thai menu is an adventure and you end up getting more than you bargained for. This was Brian's dinner one night and all it said in english was "Grilled variety seafood." Holy smokes! It was hilarious because the waiter had to keep coming over to show him how to eat all the different things. Truly a hands-on experience!

The view at our resort.

These beds hung over the ocean. Super not safe, but super cool.

We ate dinner on the unsafe beds every evening. They bring you a little table and the food at the resort was amazing!

Overall the end of our trip was really amazing. Brian got to enjoy his first swim in the ocean, we ate good food, got to lay around and recuperate a bit, and talk about all that we had seen and experienced in the past week and a half. It was great to have two whole days with absolutely nothing planned and just do whatever we felt like doing at the moment. We explored Cha-am's tourist beach front and got dessert at a little cafe one day and went to a nearby mall and had sushi the other. Otherwise just lots of good old fashioned relaxing! Thailand is a beautiful country and I'd recommend it to anyone! 

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