Monday, November 9, 2015

TDM: Kitchen // After

Welcome to another installment of Team Douglas Moves! Over a month ago I shared with you what our kitchen looked like when we moved in. I thought it was about time I showed you what it looks like now! Obviously, since we're renting it's not like we made any real big changes (we're no Chip and Joanna Gaines!), but we have put our own special touch on the room and it really is one of my favorite upgrades in our move. So without further ado...

We love that we get lots of natural light and the amount of space makes cooking so much more enjoyable! And I like that I get to sit at the table and watch my cute husband do the dishes. BEST part ever!

Polka Dot Rug: Ikea
Black Wire Shelving: Target
Minnesota Cutting Board: Bed Bath & Beyond
Dishes: Target
Tea Towel: Bed Bath & Beyond
Hanging Planter: Ikea

Anything else you'd like to know, just comment below!


  1. Super cute! I like the chalkboard and I especially like that blue mixer. And your little corner you posted to cheerful and homey. Well done, guys! (And a dish-doing husband to boot!)

    1. Thanks, Amy! Both of those were wedding presents! I always joke that we would not have a kitchen if we wouldn't have gotten married. I think Brian was living off of 3 forks and one pot and a couple plates and cups the month before our wedding! :) And yes, he is a very good dishwasher! He know my disdain for dishes and chooses to bless and love me so well! :)

  2. Job well done! I love the "Aloha" bell on your book end ...(recipe box?).... and the crockery bowls on your counter!!! :) Must also commend Brian on the dish washing!

    1. Yes what would I do without my nana giving me such awesome pieces to make my kitchen "piddy?" And the landlord has seen it! He is actually over at our house now making some more improvements for us! We now have hot water that flows freely from our upstairs sink! (It used to just kind of sputter out)

  3. PS Has your landlord seen all the improvements? He has to be super pleased!

  4. "Dis piddy!" (Heather's way to say, "Look at this! It's pretty!", back in the 1990's!).


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