Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Just Say It

I can be awkward with words. As far as love languages go, words are near the bottom for me. I can have a hard time expressing love, comfort, appreciation, and gratitude through words. (I personally think it all started when I was a toddler and would grunt and point at what I wanted and my sisters would oblige and thus crippled me for life. JK, sorta...)

So when I married a man that had words at the top of his love language list (like many men do), I was like... uhhhhhh. Anyone else there with me? 

But I feel like this is something that I have definitely been growing in—how to not be as awkward about affirming this guy of mine, or at least pushing through the awkwardness and just saying it anyway. 

So today, when I stumbled across this article on 24 honest phrases we need to say to each other more often I felt like I had struck gold (or found that killer high-end brand-name score at the thrift store... ya know, to each his own).

So things like "I don't know what to say, but I'm here" and "what can I do to support you?" and "I disagree but I still love you" are like little nuggets of awesome thrift-store finds for my vocabulary. They help me see that loving, affirming, comforting, they don't have to be awkward, but instead can be super simple phrases that mean a lot to the people that I say them to.

So next time that I'm not sure what to say, or feel like my words don't mean that much, I'm going to try some of these phrases. I'm going to be honest with how I'm feeling and just say it—awkward or not.


  1. Go for it! Just say it! Brian will love it!

    ...... and speaking of "thrift store finds"... I found an amazing deal at Aldi's today. The newspaper ad said, "butternut squash 99 cents each". Now I don't know if you are into butternut squash, but that is a super deal. They are usually sold by the pound, so 99 cents each is a great price. I wanted to get there bright and early because I have discovered that their advertised items go fast. I pulled into the empty parking lot at 8:45; went to the door and behold they don't open till 9 a.m. Man! Can't believe such a late opening time. I waited ~ then entered the store ~ first one to the produce counter. I picked out four of the biggest butternut squash I could find. Got them home and weighed them ~ 17-1/2 pounds!!! All for $3.96. Top that deal, will ya!!

    By the way, Heather, you come by your thriftiness honestly--- it's in your genes from your Nana!

    Love you bunches.

    1. Wow! So what are you going to DO with all that squash? Got any good recipes you could send my way?? I think I got my thriftiness from a lot of people in the family. :)

    2. Yes, I agree about our thriftiness! I'll send you a couple recipes via e-mail. Also, the squash will keep for several months, so I'll use it one at a time.... oh, and cooked squash can be frozen.


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