Monday, October 12, 2015

TDM // Living Room Reveal

Happy Monday, friends, and welcome to segment 2 of Team Douglas Moves (TDM)! It's been two weeks since we've moved into this quirky house, and every day I love it more. We've had our small group over for a bonfire, enjoyed cooking on all our counter space, had friends over for games, grilled out in our yard, and gone on walks around the neighborhood. 

I thought I'd give you a glimpse into the living room today. This was one of the first rooms (besides the kitchen) that we completed, because let's be real, you've gotta have a comfy space to lounge and watch Netflix at the end of a long day spent cleaning and unpacking, amiright?!

The couch is Nockeby from Ikea. It was the first ever new piece of furniture that Loverboy and I purchased together. After a year of marriage, people! We've bought tons of used furniture, whether from relatives, Craigslist, or thrift stores. But buying new furniture, now that was a rush! AND a hassle, let me tell ya. We ended up going to Ikea three time (three!) in order to finally get this couch...  and yes, it was due to our own poor planning of what vehicles to bring, but you live and you learn, right? (Also, count yourself lucky if you got to be a part of that Snapchat adventure. Sitting in line for an hour really provides lots of good Snapchat content.)

That beautiful little palm tree is from Ikea. I'm not really that good at keeping itty bitty plants alive, so I'm really crossing my fingers that I don't kill it... so if anyone has any tips on how to keep that baby thriving, bring it on!

The rug was an awesome find from Rugs USA during their Labor Day Sale. It's huge, and about the thickness of a towel, but as the husband of one of my friends put it, "it really pulls the room together." (And no, of course he didn't follow this super nice compliment with a twitching mouth and snort, letting on that he really didn't have strong opinions about the deep rug conversation his wife and I were having). But really, I couldn't agree more!

That's our backdoor and kitchen that you can see to the left. The backdoor goes out to a mudroom, which also provides nice storage for our bikes, shoes, and misc. car stuff and cleaning supplies.

So there you have it! The living room as it stands now. We have an awesome big vintage mirror and cute little bar cart (that is currently in Nebraska until a grandparent brings it over to MN) that will probably get added soon, so keep an eye out for updates!

Let me know if you'd like to know where anything is from... although unfortunately most of it is thrifted or the like. But if you can buy it at a store, I'll definitely let you know! :)


  1. What a fun place and great new adventure with having a house! I love your tours. Please send me a message with your new address.

  2. Beautiful and fun, like its designer. Sometime, on some airport swing-through, I'm going to have to make a stop over to this lovely little home! :)

    1. Yes please!!! We're only 30 minutes from the airport! Definitely a short enough trip to swing by for a bit of tea! :)


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