Monday, October 26, 2015

A Few of My Favorite Things // Places I Heart in Northeast Minneapolis

Hey there friends, and happy Monday! Today I wanted to share with you a few places that I <3 in NE Minneapolis! We've lived in two different neighborhoods of Northeast now, so we've gotten to try out a few local spots. Some we've liked, some not so much... but the list that follows is what we've loved! So read on for some hip/quaint/delicious/fun/adorable NE Minneapolis suggestions! And I'd LOVE to hear the places that you <3 around NE. (Side note: some of the websites for these places are hilarious/embarrassing! I guess that's what you get when you're a tiny local spot, huh? But I promise that these places are awesome, even if their websites would suggest otherwise.)


Mojo Coffee Gallery, California St
This is officially our new favorite spot. Located just a few blocks from us, it's the perfect excuse to go for a walk. ;) Plus, it's also an art gallery so there's always unique art to look at while you sip your tasty drink. And if you get lucky, there might be an artist working on the pottery wheel!

Psycho Suzi's Motor Lounge, Marshall St
Another super local-to-us spot... this place is a gem! We went last week for happy hour (which only caters to people in the couple zip codes nearby), and were not disappointed by the over-the-top tiki theme! The drinks were each served in their own unique cup and the solo pizzas were yummy and filling. It was even warm enough for us to enjoy their huge tiki-lit deck by the river. Such a fun experience!

The Coffee Shop Northeast, Johnson St
This coffee shop is a Northeast staple and is a great place to meet up with a friend for a bite to eat or cup of coffee. They have a large menu and lots of space... what's not to love? (Plus, they have quite tasty chai tea lattes!)


Marinos Deli, Johnson St
This hole-in-the-wall deli has amazing (and super affordable) Italian food. Every single time I get the daily special, because it never disappoints (thank you, pasta, for always being there for me). The atmosphere is definitely not date-night material, but if you're looking for good, cheap Italian food, this is the place to go! Plus, you can always order to-go and put it on fancy plates at home with a little bit of candle light and wah-lah! Effortless date night!

Holy Land, Central Ave
If you are a fan of Mediterranean fare, then this place is for you! We usually get a gyro combo and it's more than enough for the both of us, and so satisfying. They cook the meat right before your eyes and not that I'm an expert, but it feels like a very authentic place. Once again, the atmosphere is a bit lacking, but when you find food this good it really doesn't seem to matter! And also once again, two words—to. go.


Bloom & Buttercup, Johsnon St
This cute little shop is a florist, old-school candy shop, and fair trade gift shop all in one! I got a plant there a few months ago and she's still going strong! This place is definitely worth a stop in to look around!

A Little Refind, Johnson St
If you're into vintage furniture and decor then you must check this place out. Everything is styled just so and I've enjoyed window shopping there many times!


Betty Dangers Country Club, Marshall St
The Sample Room, Marshall St
Antiquified Antiques, Lowry Ave

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