Thursday, August 13, 2015

Changing our Habits: 30 Days of Eating Healthy

This past week Loverboy and I decided to start a very loose interpretation of Whole30... and when I say very loose, I mean ver-er-errrryyyy loose. Like, we're still eating dairy (gasp!). And salad dressing (say it ain't so!). And peanut butter (noooooo!). Ok, I probably shouldn't even call it a loose interpretation of Whole30. Whoever started Whole30 is probably rolling over in their grave. Except I'm sure they're still alive because they eat so dang healthy. Anywho...

We ARE staying away from mass quantities of sugar (read: any sweets, dessert, chocolate, candy, or anything with abhorrent amounts of added sugar) and carbs/grain stuffs (I'm not a nutritionist so I don't know the real way to say that, but basically no bread, pasta, couscous, aforementioned yummies like cake and cookies, cereal, pizza, breaded anything, and other things that make the sun shine and the butterflies dance). We're doing this because we (especially me) really love our sugars and carbs just a little too much. And by a little, I mean a lottle. 

We do however, have the right to decide we are going to cheat a little, but only for special occasions or when other people are feeding us. Not when we are sitting on the couch at home after work.

So, we're 5 days in to this 30 day thing... 1/6 of the way there! And it's been pretty decent overall. I've been enjoying eggs and cheese with fruit for breakfast, and we've learned that potatoes are actually a pretty good substitution for pasta. ("But HOW do we have shrimp and asparagus without PASTA?!" We figured it out... drama averted.)

I'm excited to see how the month goes, how we're feeling, if we decide to stick with some of our new habits and integrate them into our normal, everyday diet. So far I haven't felt too tempted (and in fact have even felt relief that I have an excuse to not grab that piece of cake at work). I feel like the past year or so I have filled my body with so much junk, so it feels good to have a little self-control (I might be singing a different tune in a couple weeks!).So if you have any good recipes for me, please pass them my way. And let me know if you've ever tried going sugar/grain free, and if so, how it went. Or if you were REALLY brave and actually did the Whole30. :)

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