Tuesday, August 11, 2015

10 Organizations Fighting for Justice to Follow on Facebook

There's always so much talk about how Facebook can be detrimental... causing us to judge, compare, throw pity-parties, or find reason to complain. But what if we started to use Facebook as a means to learn more about a specific topic? As a way to educate ourselves and get connected to meaningful work around the globe? I've been trying it out the last couple months and it's been BOMB.

I decided to "like" a bunch of pages on Facebook of organizations that are fighting human trafficking. I figured it could be cool to stay up to date on what's happening in the anti-trafficking world, and since I'm on Facebook a decent amount of time, why not throw some good stuff in there?

So if you like seeing inspirational/motivational/convicting/informational/educational little photos, along with articles, news stories, blog posts and more that all have to do with anti-trafficking and justice, then I've got some sweet Facebook pages for you to "like." 
  1. Exodus Cry
  2. International Justice Mission
  3. Tiny Hands International
  4. The CNN Freedom Project
  5. Truckers Against Trafficking
  6. Stop the Traffik
  7. A21
  8. Not For Sale
  9. Love 146
  10. The Justice Conference
And a little bonus for you... we're just getting started, but check out the new ministry that Loverboy and I are helping lead at our church: Bethlehem Against Sexual Exploitation

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