Thursday, April 9, 2015

Our #keepthelovealive Retreat & How to Plan Your Own

Last weekend Loverboy and I went on a #keepthelovealive Retreat. I named them this because before we were even married we were told to take time alone every few months to just get away and be intentional. So we're keeping the love alive, yes?

This time around we hit up Airbnb (which is awesome and I'm totally sold on and can't wait to use again!) and found a secluded cabin on Bass Lake in New Richmond, WI. It was super beautiful and the perfect little spot for a quick getaway. We left Friday morning and came back Saturday afternoon, so it was just over 24 hours. 

We spent a lot of time reading, praying, and talking, either cuddled up on the cozy couches, enjoying the view from the deck, or walking through the country neighborhood or near the lake. We enjoyed the hot tub and grill, and explored an antique shop in Hudson before our dinner at a local Caribbean restaurant. 

All-in-all, it was wonderful, and I highly recommend doing something similar if you are married. Get away for 24 hours or a long weekend and spend some extended intentional time with your spouse. But you might be wondering just exactly how to go about this, or what we did during our time. Well then, read on!

{ain't he handsome??

Here are just a few tips for having your very own #keepthelovealive retreat ...

1. Have a plan
It was super helpful for us to set aside some time before the weekend and plan out things we wanted to do, read, talk about, pray for, etc. We brought along a couple marriage books and read and talked though some of them, and we had time set aside for time with the Lord alone, and time together. We read through and discussed this ebook, 5 Simple Marriage Tools. We also brought a couple games and planned to watch a movie. 

2. Get on the same page
It's important that as you plan this retreat that you and your spouse are on the same page with your priorities and expectations for the time. Sit down and write down or talk about what each of you are hoping to gain from the retreat. If one of you is looking forward to relaxing and laying around all day while the other can't wait to go hiking and do a bunch of activities, it's going to be a tough realization once the time comes.

3. Keep it affordable... or don't!
You can totally make a retreat affordable! We did so by using Airbnb and keeping it to one night. Other than the expense of where we stayed, we just had to pay for a dinner out and that was it. Easy, peasey. But, if you have the funds, and you want to, why not splurge and spoil your spouse a bit? Just make sure it's in the budget! ;)

I really do hope that you go on your very own #keepthelovealive retreat. And it can totally be themed too! This retreat we focused on our marriage (duh), but we also focused on justice and human trafficking, both in our praying and time with the Lord, and with our conversation and planning with each other. It's cool to see how the Spirit leads when you let Him.

P.S. Do you follow me on instagram? If not, first of all, I'm sorry for your loss. Secondly, you should! All these photos are from my instagram, so just imagine! You could have followed along for all the #keepthelovealive goodness in real time. Next time, friend. Next time.

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