Thursday, March 5, 2015

The Big Two-Five [& Goals, goals, goals!]

This week the Mr. and I both turned a quarter of a century old [I'm a whole 4 days older than him... yay for combined celebrations!]. It's been a fun few days of breakfasts in bed, dinners with family, gifts, and surprises.

You might remember [or probably not, that's fine, that's why I'm reminding you] that my winter goals had the due date of my birthday. So, let's review, shall we??

Make a crafty spot in the office
Reorganize the bookshelf... maybe buy another smaller one?
Decide on and start reading one decorating/home book
Read Interrupted by Jen Hatmaker
Try making one new dessert and one new entree
Create a holiday journal—memories of every holiday

Memorize 4 new verses
Read Romans
To Do.

Finish wedding thank yous by the New Year
Finalize my name change

Start a holiday tradition with the hubs.

So I'd say that overall I did pretty well. All that's left on the name change is car registration and although I failed at my "soul" goals, I was instead reading Mark and some other reading plans and even though I didn't get to 4 new verses, I have been slowly working on Colossians 3... so I'd say I did more of a change of direction, than a complete failure. :)

So, I guess I should probably come up with some new goals, huh? I figured that since another year of my life has been recently marked, a few year-long goals were in order. Year-long goals can be intimidating, since they are usually larger, and I tend to often forget about them after a couple months [or weeks or days, ya know...].

But I think there's something really important about taking a look at your life and deciding there are a few things that you'd like to be different or that you'd like to say you've accomplished come one year from now. So, here's that list for me [please excuse the super cheesy rhyming action words... I know it will help me remember these goals so much better... or I just think it's really cool. Whatevs.].

1. Purge.
This year I want to get rid of stuff! I am tired of being burdened with all my "things" and not knowing where to put new things, where to find old things, and what things I even own!

2. Splurge.
I want my 25th year to be marked by generosity in all areas—time, talent, and treasure. I want to give freely and splurge on others. I want to live with open hands.

3. Submerge.
I would love to be able to look back on this year and feel like I really submerged myself in God's Word. So I'm making the goal to read the whole New Testament this year. I want to know Jesus better, and be surrounded by His truth.

There you have it! Three simple goals for my 25th year. Do you enjoy making goals?

Here are some of my other goal posts [har, har!].

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