Friday, March 27, 2015

Start With a Little [& FREE Printable]

Lately there's been a lot of thinkin' and dreamin' and talkin' around our place about how God has uniquely designed and gifted us along with what we are passionate about and how all that can come together to best serve Him and His Kingdom. 

Human trafficking has specifically been on our hearts the last couple months [years, for me], and it is such a huge problem that sometimes we don't even know where to start or how we can make a dent. But when I found this quote, I was so struck by the truth in it and inspired that I just had to make something pretty for our house to remind us... worse than barely making a dent, is not doing anything at all. 

//download it here

So we're starting by doing a little. Last weekend we went to an all day Anti-Trafficking event where we received training on how to be civilian first responders. Last month we bought merchandise that was made by women at risk all over the world and 100% of the proceeds went to them. I've been reading books like Interrupted, Rhinestone Jesus, and When Helping Hurts is up next. We're starting with little, tiny, baby steps and praying and asking God for more opportunities. 

I was talking with a friend of mine about this yesterday and she's passionate about the environment and feels that God has laid it on her heart to take care of the planet. Which is such a huge, insurmountable task! But she's starting small, with her and her husband. They've stopped using plastic bags, and have joined a co-op, and are getting food fresh from farms, and all kinds of other small steps, but they are doing something! And I am so proud of them for that. 

So what is it today that seems overwhelming, but you can do just a little bit? What's that one thing that you're really passionate about, but you know you'll never be able to change the world? Why not start with a little? Then ask God for bigger opportunities, and watch Him work.

Do what you can, with what you have, where you are. (Theodore Roosevelt)

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  1. Every time I go past "Sex World" in Minneapolis, I am struck with the thought, "How could I help even just one woman get out of this place?" Let's do it! How, Lord?!


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