Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Attributes of God // Sovereign

I recently joined a Titus 2 Group at my church—basically a small group of young women being mentored by one or two older women. We meet once a month to discuss a book, and the group I joined is reading The Attributes of God by Arthur Pink. Our first meeting was last night, and beforehand we were given this quote and asked if we agreed with it or not, and if so, why.

“An unknown God can neither be trusted, served, nor worshipped.” —Arthur Pink


I agree. But why? Why is it so important to know the God that we claim to trust, serve, and worship? If we don't know Him, who He is, His character and ways, then we have ...

+ No grounds to trust
+ No motivation to serve
+ No reason to worship

Even looking at one of the countless characteristics of God brings us to a place where we have something to stand on when it comes to relating to Him. We know a piece of Him [even it it is a teeny tiny piece!] and therefore have grounds to trust Him, motivation to serve Him, and reason to worship Him.

For example, I love that God is sovereign because it means that God is in control. He has the final say in what happens and has the complete power to make it happen. He knows what's going to happen before it does, and despite our efforts to control situations, He is the one that ultimately decides how things are going to go. Thinking on this makes me love God more. It helps me trust Him because I know He is in control, I am motivated to serve Him because I know that my future is safe in His hands, and ultimately, these truths give me reason to worship Him!

[Side note: As I think on God's sovereignty, a little part of my brain questions "But what about free will?? What about us getting to make our own choices?" And I don't really have an answer to that or really know how God's sovereignty exists within the same reality that free will does, but I do know that it does. And that's enough for me. It might not be enough for those of you who like lengthy explanations, thorough research, and facts to back it up, but for me, it's enough. It's enough to know that, yes, I do have choices, but that ultimately my life is in the hands of my Creator. That brings me peace.]

As we get to know God better, as He reveals more of His character, we come to love Him more. As we love Him more, we can then trust, serve, and worship Him.


So why not grab your Bible and a journal and think about an attribute of God that you are grateful for. Think about some characteristic of God that makes you love Him more. Something that brings you to trust, serve, and worship Him. Explore it. Then revel in the awesomeness of our God. He is mighty, trustworthy, faithful, powerful, loving, just, merciful, wise, holy, infinite, gracious, righteous, unchanging, good, self-sufficient, jealous, all-knowing, compassionate, and so much more! What attribute of God is most precious to you right now?

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