Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Rolling Craft Cart

I scored this adorable tri-level rolling cart for ONE DOLLAR at a thrift store in Madison a couple summers back when I lived in the Dells. It didn't have a price tag so when I asked how much and they offered it to me for a dollar I almost peed my pants in excitement. It was originally a silvery-metal color so I spray painted it white and called it good.

I kind of always pictured it as a bathroom piece, but we ended up using some different shelving in the bathroom, so I knew I had to think of some other fun way to use it. I had been wanting to create a crafty area in the office or guest room [even included it in my winter goal list], but just hadn't found the right place to set up shop yet.

So when I thought of turning this cart into a mobile craft center, I knew I had struck gold. Perfect for wheeling over to the coffee table for scrapbooking while watching a movie, easily accessible from the desk where it sits next to, and great for corralling all my little craft supplies. I decided to stick mainly to paper crafting supplies, since this cart is little and I have way too many supplies to all fit. Plus, paper crafting has been a favorite of mine for like ever in the grand scheme of the crafting world. So it just made sense. I used jars, tins, cups, mugs, and other organizers to sort and arrange my different supplies. Washi tape, small papers, glues, pens, stamps, etc. Each has it's own place in this little cart.

The top shelf houses small scrapbook paper and stickers, washi tape, little envelopes, sticky notes, and flags, tape and glue, paintbrushes, and pens.

On the middle shelf you can find stamps, stabilo pens, colored pencils, paper punches, decorative paper clips, and photos. The bottom shelf holds my Smash Books, Project Life Kit, and paper cutter.

So there you have it! A functional and cute little mobile craft station. How would you use this cart?


  1. Love it! Love a mobile desk or crafty space. I've wanted the turquoise one from Ikea for awhile. :) My only issue is how to help little kids not tear it apart. Any ideas? Ashley @ Circling the Story (www.circlingthestory.com) #raralinkup

    1. I LOVE the turquoise one from Ikea... hmmm, now I'm rethinking my spray paint choice... ;) Not having any kiddos myself I'm not sure I have any ideas from experience as to how to keep them out of it, but maybe putting it in a closet or something? Obviously that could be a totally dumb idea since every time my one year old niece comes over I have nothing for her to play with but countless things for her to break! :)


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