Thursday, January 8, 2015

Interior Inspiration: Sofas

I've been dreaming of pretty sofas lately. Especially those in the gray family. I seriously just went to my pinterest board and like 90% of the living rooms I've pinned have gray sofas. There's just something about them that's so beautiful. Maybe it's the fact that they go with everything without being white (read: dirty in like .02 seconds in our home), or black (a little too dark and the perfect little lint-collector). Basically, gray sofas are that perfect neutral in-between that hides imperfections and still goes with everything. Thank you, gray, for being so awesome.

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The hubs and I have had our eye on a couple gray sofas from Dock86. Super cheap, and the best part?? The selling point that the sales floor people actually use?? The pillows come with it! Ahahahaha... if only they knew that I was laughing at them silently while smiling and nodding in fake appreciation. I could really care less about the pillows when I'm purchasing a multi-hundred dollar couch. But whatevs.

So anyway, you might be seeing a new couch around here soon. Or you might not. It really just depends on our mood and what we decide to do. But regardless, I'm dreaming. And in my dreams, the couches are all gray and tweed-ish and wonderful. And of course, they all come with matching pillows. 


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  1. I guess you could always say to the salesman, "They ARE 'throw' pillows, right? Doesn't that mean that you 'throw them in with the deal.'" Sorry for the bad humor. Pun intended.

    And, I agree, I'm loving grey, too! I love my grey walls. Stunning and goes with every color.


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