Friday, January 2, 2015

I Will Choose

Back in the vault, from January 2, 2012 ...

Today I was journaling and thought of how often I choose NOT to live in the power of the Holy Spirit. So often I choose weakness, fear, hate, and sin over Jesus. But I have the same Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead inside of me. I have that same power. I don't have to live in slavery to my flesh and the things of this world. I can live in the power of the Holy Spirit, or in the weakness and darkness of my flesh. I have a choice. 


Jesus, today I choose to live in the power of your Holy Spirit. 

I will choose...
love over contempt
peace over fear
forgiveness over judgement
truth over lies
surrender over control
purpose over apathy
faith over doubt
selflessness over selfishness
dialogue over monologue
God-pleasing over people-pleasing
trust over mistrust
praise over complaints
self-love over self-pity
your will over my will
belief over unbelief
changed heart over behavior modification
wisdom over foolishness
contentment over jealousy
victory over defeat
honesty over denial
boldness over trembling
doing over hearing
obedience over disobedience
clarity over confusion
patience over impatience
joy over despair
self-control over self-indulgence
righteousness over unrighteousness
freedom over slavery
relationship over religion
real over fake
purity over impurity
repentance over stubbornness
vulnerability over self-protection
gentleness over harshness
thanksgiving over discontentment
encouragement over gossip
people over things
feeling over numbness
your opinion over others' opinions
passion over laziness
depth over surface
acceptance over cynicism
humility over pride
discernment over uncertainty
strength over powerlessness
grace over legalism
dependence on you over dependence on others or myself
serving over competition
holiness over ungodliness
serenity over stress
growth over staleness
redemption over condemnation
life over death
you, Jesus, over the world.

What do you need to choose today? The ones I feel most convicted by as of late are "selflessness over selfishness," "changed heart over behavior modification," "contentment over jealousy," "passion over laziness," and "growth over staleness." Why don't you ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to you one (or a few) that He wants you to embrace. 

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