Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Bedroom Update // It All Started With a Lamp

We I did a little big of rearranging in the bedroom the other day. If you know me at all, this won't surprise you one bit. And it all started with a lamp. Isn't it peerrrdddyyy?? :)

On Monday my mom and I went to a super sweet Salvation Army (on 4th St. N, for those of you in Minneapolis), and I totally scored this incredible geometric floor lamp! We both had been looking for lamps so when we saw a sign stating that lamps were 50% I swear I heard the angel hallelujah chorus. So what did I do? Buy three lamps? You betcha'!

[Excuse the low-quality pic (high-quality hubby), hopefully I can post some better pics later... but this gives you an idea of the new space.]

After trying out the standing lamp in the living room, Loverboy and I both decided it just wasn't quite the right height for the space, so thankfully, I had already started tearing apart our bedroom [Loverboy gets to come home from work to lots of fun things. So grateful for a husband that just laughs when I yell at him from the furniture-baricaded bedroom that I'm tearing the house apart]. I've really been wanting a little side table by my side of the bed and I decided that our old coffee table [post on our new-to-us coffee table coming when I remember to snap some pics] might do nicely. Kind of quirky for the space, but it would give me lots of room to do what I wanted.

So, I had already moved things around quite a bit and the geometric lamp was able to find a home as a perfect little reading lamp in the corner. I kind of love it and have been spending a lot of time in there. Although the new arrangement feels a little bit tighter than the last one [kind of inevitable when you're moving a bed from away from the wall], it definitely feels cozier and like the space works better for our needs.

And my little side table just makes me so happy! The perfect space to stash a couple books, some lotion, chapstick, and other essentials! 

So there's a little update on the status of our place... hopefully some better photos will be coming your way soon! Thanks for stopping by friends, and happy hump day!

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