Saturday, December 13, 2014

Three Months

Today I have been married to my Mr. for three months. A quarter of a year. And so far, it's been the best quarter of a year of my life! I'm waiting for that "the first year is the hardest" saying to kick in... but until it does, I'm just going to enjoy this little thing we've got going and continue to thank God for all he's given me.

This month has marked a lot of big milestones in our marriage.

I officially (and finally!) became Mrs. Heather Douglas to the government. Lemme tell ya'... if you're going to stand in line at the Social Security office in mid-teen weather a half an hour before they open, please for all that is good in the world, make sure you're standing in the right line. Not speaking from experience or anything.

Loverboy and I became members at our church. Putting down roots, getting involved, finding a family. These are good things, people.

We experienced our first nights apart—three in one week—one while Loverboy was in NY for business, and the other two when he went hunting with a friend in WI.

We had our first Thanksgiving as a married couple! We made mashed potatoes and stuffing for the Block Thanksgiving, and let's just say that we got a major stamp of approval from the grandma. :)

We got our first Christmas tree and decorated our place for Christmas as well as started an Advent tradition. Three cheers for family traditions! And the holidays! (duh.)

It's been a full, wonderful, busy, beautiful month. And tomorrow we head off on a little getaway that involves a mansion, some fine dining, tours of old houses, and breakfast in bed on Monday instead of going to work. Yep, I think the 4th month of marriage might be the best yet! :)

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