Thursday, December 18, 2014

O Christmas Tree

As promised, I'm finally posting about our very first tree! as you can see, it was quite the process to get it all set up and decorated, but with some Rudolph playing in the background and our stellar teamwork, I'd say it was a very successful first tree! 

Not to mention how stinkin' awesome Home Depot is. [No, I did not get paid to write that... I wish. Home Depot? Please?] But seriously. We went to go get our tree with Bri's little Honda Civic, a little uncertain about how it would go, and left with grins on our faces. 

Really, the free hot cider and cookies while you browsed would have been enough, but then we got to the check-out, the guy gave us 50% off, partially because he couldn't find the tag, and partially because he was a nice guy wanting to spread some Christmas cheer! 

Then they put it through this little machine that netted it up [see above intense photos of me cutting the net], and told us to drive up our car. Once we did, there was a gentleman there who helped Bri hoist it up on the roof of the car and tie it all down safe-like for us. What a breeze!

Here's the little guy all lit up and shiny in our living room. Please notice the faux-fire playing on the television. They are all the rage, guys.

I got all our ornaments and tree-decking supplies from the Dollar Tree! Man, I love that place! It cost us less than $30 to deck this guy out and we even had left-over ornaments to spread throughout the house (and then some.... may have overestimated how many ornaments it takes to fill a tree... oops!). 

I'm kind of in love with the gold, white, and metallic vibe we've got going on. Probably my favorite color palette right now, if you can consider those colors. We loved the experience of Home Depot and how easy it was... but I'm curious... are there those of you who are hard-core "go cut it yourself" or others who are tried and true to the fake tree? I feel like we took the road in the middle as far as convenience, ease, and memory-making. What do you do for your Christmas tree? Anyone wanna try to convince us for next year? :)

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  1. Well, as far as ease, I love not vacuming up pine needles, getting down on my hands and knees to water the tree, and later, hauling out a tree that will shed multiple needles. But, we've had the real-tree experience, and it was good to do. We now have our free-tree experience...a 7 foot fake tree that looks really nice, given to us by someone who wanted to upgrade their fake tree experience! I will not try to convince you which way to go, because whatever way your lil' heart wants to go is good!


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