Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Advent [Activity Envelope DIY]

Well folks, it's December, believe it or not, which means it's the season of Advent! I decided that I wanted to do something to celebrate Advent this year, and I thought some sort of Advent calendar would do just the trick. So to Pinterest I went and found this adorable (and easy!) idea. This project really only took me maybe an hour or so and can easily be done while talking with a friend or watching a movie.

You will need:
Scrapbook paper
Paper cutter (or scissors)
Twine or other string/ribbon
Mini clothespins
Thin sharpie

For this DIY, I simply chose some fun scrapbook paper, cut it into fourths (which made for 4 6x6" squares from each piece of paper) and then folded all the sides in to create an envelope shape. If you wanted to make actual envelopes you could glue or tape the sides down and then fill them with things, but I chose to leave mine open and just write directly on the paper envelope, like so...

I decided to go for a variety of activities for our Advent Calendar, you could however just include scriptures to read. I included scripture readings, things/people to pray for, fun Christmas activities like looking at lights and cuddling up with hot cocoa, and more! The sky is the limit.

After filling all your envelopes with ideas for each day, simple string up some twine, number your clothespins, and hang up your envelopes. This Advent calendar also doubles as a wonderful little decoration, and if done with Christmas paper would be even more festive!

So go ahead! If you make this in the next day or two you'll only be a couple days behind, which is so easy to catch up! Plus, if you're anything like me you might just have these supplies laying around.

I think this will be a really fun way to be intentional with this season and focus our hearts on the coming of the Savior, as well as have some fun creating some new Christmas traditions. Plus, it will be fun to see the envelopes start to disappear as Christmas approaches and anticipation builds. I fully believe in Christmas being just as magical now as it was when we were 5 years old! :)

What about you? Do you do anything fun or meaningful for Advent?

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  1. this is a beautiful way to celebrate advent! I just purchased a burlap calendar where I can insert whatever I like for each day & I love adding a min-devotion/scripture to each day! Thank you for sharing this!


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