Wednesday, December 31, 2014

A Year in Blogging

Hello young 2014 world! In just a few short hours you will be a year older! You will be 2015—and you will bring with this new number lots of new experiences, choices, hurts, dreams come true, relationships, thoughts, and more!

I wanted to take this one last time to post in 2014 to share some of my favorite blog moments this past year. I've been blogging for years, but this year marked many of my all-time favorite blog posts, as well as the discovery of many blogs that I have come to love. So I've rounded up the top 10 posts from this blog this year, as well as given you a few other lists of some of my favorite places to read on the internet. Enjoy and have a safe, Happy New Year!


My top 10 posts from this year:
On Being Married
Engagement Photoshoot
First Apartment: Living Room Reveal
5 Tips for Planning a Wedding
Very First Apartment
5 Ways to Fill Your Walls
Sneak Peak: Bedroom
One Month
Weekend Wrap-Up

My 5 favorite design/inspiration/diy blogs:
A Beautiful Mess
Nesting Place
Vintage Revivals
Style Me Pretty Living
The Inspired Room

My 3 favorite snarky Christian blogs:
We are THAT Family
Rage Against the Minivan
Jamie the Very Worst Missionary

My 5 favorite blog posts:
Dear World: Let's Stop Giving Our Crap to the Poor
# Blessed
On Being "Healed of Being a Big Deal"
Marriage on the Edge of Eternity
Rich and Poor | The Question That Wrecked Us Both

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