Friday, November 7, 2014

Weekend Wrap-Up

Friends! It's Friday! I hope you've all had a rad week. For me, I feel like it was one of those weeks where you have to look at the calendar to remember at all what you did and where Halloween and Daylight Savings feel like they happened a month ago.

Anyway, it seems like a good week to do a personal weekend wrap-up and share a peak into the Douglas life this last week. Begin montage of crappy cell-phone pics.

Halloween night did in fact bring Blanket Fort 2.0. I think this one definitely rivaled our last one in height, but not in broad scope. We watched Stardust in there, which was pretty magical and you should probably watch this movie if you haven't. It's so weird and great and I've probably seen it close to 10 times because of my love for its quirkiness. [P.S. Doesn't he just look proud??!]

On Wednesday I decided to chop off all my hair! [3 cheers for the post-wedding chop!] I got to bring my ponytail home since I'll be donating it and had a lot of fun whipping it around in the car on the way home and grossing out both myself and my mother. Something about a ponytail not attached to your head is just weird. It sat on our dining room table for like half a day until I went and hid it in our guest room because I kept thinking there was a rodent on our table.

And in case you missed it on Facebook, here's me modeling my new hair at Buca di Beppos last night. The hubs and I hit it up for date night [and this girl had a coupon—holla!] and it was fan-freakin-tastic! We ordered this amazing seafood pasta dish that had shrimp, calamari, and oysters and originally had a spicy clam sauce that we swapped out for a garlic cream sauce [my spicy sensor is uber-sensitive]. My oh my it was like seafood heaven in your mouth! And the best part is that we took home enough leftovers for both of us to take a full meal's worth of this delicious feast for lunch today! Helllooooo round two! :)

Other highlights for the week included time with good friends and our awesome small group, meals with family, AND we are officially accepted for membership at our church! Woo!

Tonight we are having our respective girls and guys night—I'll be going to dinner with a friend and then we're headed to a clothing swap with our Sunday School ladies [we all know I like free clothes!] and Loverboy will be broin' it up. We're headed to Eau Claire tomorrow for a sweet friend's bridal shower and get to see some sibs on Sunday. Bring on the weekend!

P.S. How eerily similar are the photos of me holding up my hair and the receipt from my last post??


  1. Eewwww! A rodent! Yes, I felt like we had a squirrel in the car with us as you whipped that ponytail back and forth! I love Hubster's proud smile at the architecturally beautiful Dining Room Tee Pee!

  2. yes, that *does* look like Buca di Beppo...the air conditioner had me wondering. We just acquired a nice gift card for that place from Discover cash back bonus. It's one of the better deals, with a 20% premium in lieu of 10% that many others offer. Pair that up with a coupon I'll be watching for, and we'll be feeding the fam for a manageable amount!

    Nice haircut! Have fun playing around with it!

    1. Nice! If any of you are into seafood we HIGHLY recommend the dish we ordered with the garlic cream sauce. AH. MAZE. ING. :)


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