Thursday, November 20, 2014

Goodbye Fall Goals & Hello Winter Goals!

Remember back when I posted my fall goals that I wanted to have accomplished by Thanksgiving? Well, I'm very happy to say that with a week until Thanksgiving I completed all of them, except the verse memory. :/ Boo on that, but yay on everything else!

Our guest room still does have a few boxes in the corner, but it is actually inhabitable, The Nesting Place was an awesome read and has definitely changed my outlook on decorating and the home. [My Home Manifesto was inspired by that book.] I participated in a very successful clothing swap where I got rid of a huge bag of clothes I wasn't wearing anymore and came home with a very happy bag of cute new (to me) clothes. Our walls are covered in our wedding photos [if you hadn't noticed] and as far as fall traditions... I'd say our hide from the trick-or-treaters in a blanket fort while we watch a movie is going to be a pretty good tradition!


So now I have a week to get cracking on that verse memorization, and then we're onto winter goals! Again, I know that winter isn't for another month, but up here in the great white north I think we can all agree that it has felt like winter for awhile now... so I'm jumping in!

And winter is long enough around here that I figured I would give myself enough to keep occupied. My end date for winter goals is my birthday—February 28. So that gives me a good 3 months to get going. 

Winter Goals

Make a crafty spot in the office
Reorganize the bookshelf... maybe buy another smaller one?

Decide on and start reading one decorating/home book
Read Interrupted by Jen Hatmaker

Try making one new dessert and one new entree
Create a holiday journal—memories of every holiday [thanks, Aunt Rebecca!]

Memorize 4 new verses
Read Romans

To Do.
Finish wedding thank yous by the New Year
Finalize my name change

Start a holiday tradition with the hubs. Any good ideas? :)

What are your winter goals? Anything specific to the colder months that you want to get done?


  1. I love the tradition things ... we have a small silver-plated album that we received for a wedding gift, and I have placed a single Christmas pic of our family each year ... through the years ... sometimes missing several years in a row. But it's fun to see the dating year, childless years, adding on our children, and seeing them grow - all in photos by the Christmas tree or other decoration in our house. Lots of other meaningful and activity-related traditions you can start, too, but that's my idea for a memory-making tradition.

    Do you have a holiday journal yet? I recommend starting one pronto if you haven't! I continue to jot a few lines in mine to remember what we did each holiday and vacation, as I have since several years before you were even born. We refer back to it and read a few excerpts quite often!

    1. I do love that idea of the christmas photo book! And I don't have a holiday journal YET, but I will be Feb 28th! :) Or probably sooner since there's a few holidays between now and then.

    2. Revisiting this post today -- and realizing that I asked about the holiday journal even after you had mentioned it in this blog - I guess I missed it as I skimmed through the goals. Nana pointed it out to me.

      We're making homemade pizza tonight (and cinnamon rolls since there was a lot of dough!) and enjoying cozying up in the warm house, about to watch the Broncos play. Thinking of all of you in MN!

    3. That's ok! I knew I had to give you a shout out though! :) Mmmm homemade pizza and cinnamon rolls sounds heavenly! We were having rotisserie chicken when you left this comment, which was also pretty darn good. ;)

  2. I will vote for you to keep a holiday and birthday journal. It's so fun for us to look at Rebecca's journal to figure out what we did last year or many years before. Not many people know what they did on every birthday since they were a teenager! :) As you know, one of our traditions is my gold skirt that I've worn almost every Christmas Eve or Day since the early 1970's. Unfortunately, we did not take as many photos as we should have, so Rebecca's idea for a photo book is good. I think this reply will show up as "momma" because it is my Google reply for Rebecca's blog and I can't figure out how to change the reply!! I need a grandchild here to help me with my technology! :) Love ya! Nana

    1. I am putting the holiday journal project on my calendar right now! I keep forgetting to do it and holidays keep passing! Yikes! And you know I love your gold skirt tradition! :)

  3. We make a gingerbread house together every year- fun because now the kids can join in on the fun! Have you ever heard of the Scripture Typer app? It has revolutionized my scirpture memory! My goal for 2014 was to review every verse I had ever memorized and have them all memorized and then add any new verses that I "kind of know" the app is AWESOME and helps me so much- I've never memorized so much scripture, and been able to successfully review it on a regular basis!! Love your goals ;-) FUN!

    1. Katie, that app sounds awesome! Unfortunately, I have a windows phone and it doesn't seem to have the app. But Brian has an android and an iphone (for work) so I will have to look it up on one of his! :)


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