Monday, October 13, 2014

One Month

Remember back when I wrote that post about one month until marriage? Well I don't know how we got here, but today I get to write about one month of marriage! Here are some of the highlights from the last month! [or maybe just the things we decided to snap pics of...]

1// Friday night fun=Phase 10! I won't say who won... but let's just say that there's a reason he's covering his face. :)

2// I still do a double-take every time I walk past my new name on my cubicle.

3// One night after work we spent some time at Minnehaha Falls—checking out the Sea Salt Eatery and exploring the park.

4// There's some progress on the puzzle that our family hid all the pieces everywhere in our apartment while we were on our honeymoon. We're still missing quite a few edge pieces... if you're ever at our place, anyone who finds an edge piece gets a prize!

5// Another Friday night fun... epic blanket fort! What you can't see is that it even includes the TV in there... best way to watch Parks and Rec ever!

6// Now that I'm not needing to fit into a wedding dress anymore, I've been enjoying donut days at work much more. :)

7// My morning view... that boy LOVES his coffee!

And as a bonus... last night we went on a long walk around the neighborhood. It was SUCH a beautiful evening and was so fun to look at all the cute NE houses. But the best part?? ....

THIS DOG! Oh man, it totally jumped on the fence and sat there for forever, just watching us walk by. It was like a perched bird. Weirdest dog ever. I kind of want it.

Well, that's about it... one month of marriage summed up in photos. Obviously there's all the normal life living in-between, but I'd say this month has been pretty darn beautiful. I love this man who I've attached myself to, and I hope we get to experience lots more card playing, blanket-fort building, and weird dog admiring in the years to come!


  1. Happy First Month Anniversary! I love reading about your lives! And.... I actually have a picture of you in a blanket tent at our house.... ya just never outgrow some things, huh?

    That dog is amazing. I'm wondering why they have the fence - looks like he could just jump over the it if he wanted to get away! :)

    Love ya,

  2. Fun photo commentary! Brian, that's how I feel about my morning coffee, too!

  3. All of this makes me really happy! Love y'all! :)


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