Thursday, October 9, 2014

Feature: RootedDeeply Etsy Shop

Friends, I'd like you to meet this sweet lady and friend, Sarah.

Sarah recently opened up an Etsy shop [RootedDeeply] where she sells homemade [and adorable] scripture memory packs. We all know I'm a fan of all things pretty, so when I saw the link to her shop on Sarah's Facebook feed I got super excited! I immediately contacted her to ask if she would mind sending me a pack in exchange for a post about her shop and review of her product. She eagerly agreed, and what follows is her story.

"Scripture memory started for me my sophomore year of college when I joined a Navigators Bible study. I grew up in a Christian home but my faith was not serious to me until joining that Bible study. It was unlike any Christian meeting I had been to. They were serious about the Bible and passionate about getting to know the God who wrote it. One of the ways we did that was memorize Scripture. 

At first for me it was just a challenge: finish the TMS (60 verses The Navigators think have great worth in memorizing). When the newness of the challenge wore off after a couple of months, so did my diligence in memorization. In hearing many people share about their experience with Scripture memory, I realized that it could be so much more than just checking off a to-do list. 

David says in Psalm 19 that the Scriptures are “sweeter than honey”. I had not experienced them in this way but I deeply longed to. Scripture memory is one of the main ways God changed my perspective of His Word. My love for Scripture memory has grown deeply in the last few years of walking with the Lord.

RootedDeeply was born out of the idea of helping others grow in their love for the Word. At first I started just making verse packs for myself and a few friends but then realized there were many people I knew who wanted a fun looking verse pack, so I opened an Etsy shop. 

I have only been open for a few weeks and am having so much fun! I love getting to pick new fabric and praying for those who might use them. My desire is that these packs would really help people get to know and fall in love with the Bible."

Now for my review ...
I was so pumped when I got my package in the mail! Each pack comes in this precious canvas stamped bag, which makes it just that much more fun to receive! I also got some blank cards to write my own memory verses on, but am definitely planning on putting some TMS verses in there as well.

Sarah's craftsmanship is incredible... this baby is so perfect it almost doesn't look homemade... but the presentation and thoughtful note it comes with definitely remind you that it is. I would 100% recommend this product... and especially as the price is currently only $5! If I was still on staff with The Navigators I would definitely be buying these for my Bible Study and all the girls I discipled. But I guess I'll just have to settle for buying them for my friends instead.

So head on over to RootedDeeply and get one of these sweet verse packs for yourself... and your 5 closest friends. :)

//last photo mine, all other photos via RootedDeeply
[You can also check them out on Instagram!]

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