Wednesday, August 6, 2014

First Apartment: Living Room Reveal

It's here! It's here! It's finally here! Life slowed down just enough yesterday evening for me to snap a couple photos of the living room. This was (and still is) the most complete room of the apartment. I put it together right away so we'd have at least one room without piled boxes and empty surfaces.

We'd like to get a real couch (rather than the loveseat that I picked up off a curb in college town a few years ago... but don't worry... it's got a slipcover so you're safe to sit on it if you come over), but other than that, this room feels just about done. So wipe off your feet, come on in, and take a look around!

And just for funsies, here's a little reminder of what it looked like before [this photo is taken from the dining room looking into the living room where the radiator is]:

And last, but certainly not least, a teensy sneak-peak into the sun room/study... 

Thanks for looking around! Next up... the sun room! [If you haven't yet, why not like our Facebook page and sign up for monthly e-mails? More fun coming straight to ya!]

Wooden Coffee Table: Unique Thrift Store, $6
Red Coffee Table Tray: Unique Thrift Store, $2
Living Room Rug: Ikea, $80
Thin Tall Drawers: Purchased from relatives w/a bunch of furniture, originally Ikea?
Couch: Curb, free :)
White Tall Bookcase: Target, $33
Wooden Side Table: Goodwill, $5
TV Stand: Inheritance from relative, free
Small Woven Stool: Target, gift
Vintage Green Trunk: Family friend, free
Vintage Globe: Craigslist, $15
Faux Sheepskin Rug: Ikea, $10
All small photo frames: The Dollar Tree, $1
Poster photo frame: Goodwill, $7

And I'll save the rest for the next room reveal!

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A Harvest of Blessing


  1. Cute, I love this space! And I love that so much of your stuff is thrifted, it's so much more personal and unique.

    1. Thanks! It's been fun to "nest" as I'm looking forward to actually getting to live in the space (my fiance is there all by his lonesome until our wedding in mid-Sept). I was just reading some of your blog and I will be praying for your adoption process. Loverboy and I definitely have adoption on our hearts for some day so I have a special appreciation [read—tears up the wazoo] for adoption stories, especially difficult ones. Hugs to you and your fam... I'll be following along on the journey!

  2. so fun!!! I love how most of this is thrifted (like chantel said) and I love, love, love the rugs!


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