Monday, August 4, 2014

At Your Darkest

Uff. That's kinda heavy stuff when you think about it. When you really think about the darkest of dark places you've been. The things you've done, said, thought. The attitudes you've had. The desires you've followed. The way you've lived your life. And yet Jesus still loved you through it all. He wasn't disgusted with you. He wasn't angry at you. He didn't turn away from you. He loved you. He loves you.

I know I've been to some pretty dark places. And I pray that I have already experienced my "darkest." But at mid-twenties I kind of doubt it and so I pray that I will remember this—that Jesus loves me, even at my darkest.

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P.S. Feeling stuck in a dark place? Read this letter and don't be shy to throw me a line!

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