Thursday, July 31, 2014

Working Woman

Since I haven't quite had the time to document the new place yet, today I'm giving you a little sneak-peak into my office. In case you're unaware, this summer I transitioned from a very non-traditional, make-your-own-hours, work=coffee dates kinda job with college students to a 9-5 office job as a graphic designer for a church in Minneapolis. It's definitely been a change, but one that I've loved. Although it was nice to be able to more or less decided my schedule for the last two years, something is nice about the predictability of office hours.

I've been slowly adding bits and pieces of "home" to my little corner. I started with the beautifully designed "Kona" and "Zambia" cards that I picked up at a Starbucks a couple months ago. Bri asked "why?" and I said "because they're pretty!" Better get used to that, bud. The adorable chameleon tape dispenser was part of my fun one-year surprise, along with the cactus in the background that has made an appearance on the blog once before.

I got the bag at Target, after a long search for the perfect big-girl work bag. The two musts were that it would easily fit my mac and that it had a cross-body strap. Bonuses were the color, "leather" material, snap closure with interior zippered pouches, and short handles to boot. My lunch box, wallet, and charger also fit inside so it's been the perfect bag! And I got it on a BOGO sale. Yesss.

My little corner of the working world really is beginning to feel homey... hope you've enjoyed the tour!

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