Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Very First Apartment!

YOU GUYS. Loverboy and I just signed for our very first apartment last night!!! And it was super scary. Not gonna lie- I may have had a slight melt-down at Applebees afterward. (Not that that's anything unusual... I wrote a blogpost yesterday about these leaky moments when I don't feel in control... keep an eye out for it).

The whole process was super-duper quick (like less than 24 hours quick) and the timeline of all our apartment hunting was just a little crazy-feeling. We missed out on two apartments we loved by that much and then got notified about 30 minutes after we signed for this one that we were accepted for another one we had applied to. Huh. Funny timing. These kind of things wreak havoc on a girl who is prone to second-guessing and regret. Yikes. [Insert lesson about learning to trust God here]

So a couple words on our new place. Sun room. Hardwood floors. Claw-foot tub. Extra bedroom. Built-in buffet. Living space that seems to go on for miles. Adorable neighborhood. These are the things that sold us on the place. I won't list for you the things we were not-so-sold-on, because I'm practicing dwelling on the positive and we are going to totally rock those things anyways.

Here are a couple sneak peaks from the Craigslist ad. Don't worry, there will be lots of future blog posts with pictures as Bri moves in in like 10 days and you know that even though I'm not moving in for another two months I'll totally have my hands all over this place!

We are super excited that the sunroom will make a beautiful office and that leaves us with the extra bedroom (that we would have used for an office in any other place) to play around with. First thoughts are a project and DIY room... we have lots of fun ideas that we can't wait to get working on and this extra little room could be the perfect place.

Also on our big-fat-excited list is the amount of space we'll have to work with! This place is a great blank canvas and with the wood floors and beautiful dark original woodwork there's lots of potential here. Let the furniture-hunting, decorating, and DIY-ing commence! 

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  1. This is SO FUN! As I mentioned earlier today: EXCITED.


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