Monday, July 14, 2014

Phone Dump [AKA thank yous galore]

1// Invites! It's been a long process... and the saga is still continuing... but we're getting there! (Thanks mom!)

2// My seriously adorable niece. HOW has she not shown up on the blog before?? I think I had a 6-month-long lapse of judgment or something. We got to hang out with her for awhile on Saturday afternoon after the shower (thanks Danielle and bridesmaids and everyone!) and got to witness her first crawl... watch out world. Not only is this baby the most adorable one you've ever seen, she also happens to be a genius and leaps and bounds ahead of any other baby in every category possible. Biased? Me?? Noooo.

3// Ohhhh man. He had to know this would show up somewhere on the internet. Loverboy decided he wasn't quite hipster enough for The Oh Hellos concert we attended on Friday night so he decided to add a lil somethin'-somethin' to his outfit. [Actually it was a dare that he valiantly saw through and got us free drinks! Horrah! (Thanks Kate!)]

4// We attended an Imagine Dragons concert on Saturday night (that was about 100% less hipster than afore-mentioned Friday night concert). I had never been at the TCF Bank Stadium before so it was a pretty sweet experience. However, we were so high up that it kind of just felt like we were listening to really loud radio in a really big crowd. Nonetheless, Imagine Dragons. For free. (Thanks Hedbergs!)

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