Monday, July 21, 2014

Kitchen Creativity

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A lot of meals this summer have looked like meat, vegetables, and carb/starch. It's easy, requires few ingredients, and quick. However, I'm getting a little tired of singing this song and need a little more creativity in the kitchen. Plus, this girl isn't the hugest fan of chunks of protein (although Loverboy can't get enough). So I did a little Pinterest round-up of my recipe board and decided that I'd like to try these recipes sometime in the next couple months.

I'm pretty excited about the edamame since it's definitely our vegetable of choice right now and if the pizza rolls turn out we might have a stay-at-home option for the Old Chicago Sicilian Pepperoni Rolls we drool over. If I remember to snap some pics and document the process you might get to see some Pinterest fails (let's be real- stuff never turns out this pretty), and why don't you let me know if you try any of these before I do!

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