Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Interior Inspiration: Basket Frenzy

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I've really been diggin' baskets lately. There's just something about the textures that they bring into a room that I love. Whether they be wire or woven, big or small, rectangular or circular, I'm drawn to them all. [I could write a Dr. Seuss book about baskets!]

Plus, I really enjoy the versatility and utilitarian nature of baskets. From baking supplies to magazines, blankets to toilet paper, these babies will do just about anything for ya! I scored some sweet finds at Goodwill in Milwaukee last weekend that I'm pretty excited about. Best part? They were all new with original tags! I'm especially excited about the light tan one that was $1.99 originally made in the Philippines. Score!

And NEWS FLASH! We moved all our furniture and all of Loverboy's belongings into the apartment! I am jealous that he gets to enjoy the place for the next month and a half (44 days til wedding bells, guys!) but if the last couple days have been the judge of anything, I'll probably be over there a lot anyway. :) I'll be posting soon about the new place... I have some sweet $10 photo projects for ya, as well as some furniture revamps and thrift store finds!

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