Monday, June 30, 2014

Pyramid Builders

Do you believe this? That lots of small things add up to great things? You know, they say that Rome wasn't built in a day. And the pyramids are simply composed of bricks stacked one on top of the other, day after day. Sometimes really great things take time. Time and energy and lots and lots of planning.

I think oftentimes when we have hopes, dreams, or goals, we tend to get overwhelmed. We see what we are reaching for as way higher than we could ever reach. We look at our awesome, unique, totally-us ideas and see the end result- the pyramid. And then we run away. Farrrr, farrr away. Because really, who want to tackle that job??

But what if we began to see our dreams and goals in terms of the bricks that make them up, rather than as the completed pyramid? In terms of the many small things that will be brought together to form the great thing? I believe that when we view our big ideas through the lens of lots of small ideas that will get us there, that's where action takes place.

So how do we do this? How do we build brick by brick? We start day by day. Throw the phrases "someday," "when I get around to it," and "when I have time" out of your vocabulary. Let's be real—someday is always in the future and you're most likely never going to "get around to it" or have more time, if your life is anything like mine.

So think about your pyramid. That great thing. That one [or two or three] idea that is maybe always at the back of your mind. That one thing that makes your heart beat faster just thinking about it. That one hope you have for your future, dream you want to see fulfilled, or goal you can't wait to meet. Now break it down. What are a few [or hundreds] of little things that you can start doing now to work toward that dream? What are the bricks you can begin laying now?

Then start today. Do one small thing today that will eventually be brought together to form that great thing. Yeah, it might be a month from now, or 10 years from now when that great thing is finally formed, but at least you are taking steps now. And when all those small things turn into that great thing, you will have built a pyramid.

Yes, it's going to take work. Yes, it's going to take planning. But it's a whole lot easier to be a pyramid builder when you have those small bricks you can start laying. So go out there and start building your pyramid! Oh, and P.S....

[1. via Kelli Trontel, 2. via Pinterest]

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