Monday, June 9, 2014


So there's this thing teenage girls do called man crush monday... basically they throw a photo of Ryan Gosling [or insert other "dreamy" celeb here] with the hashtag #mancrushmonday onto their instagram to prove to the world their undying devotion and love for him. 

So I figured that if they're allowed to do that, then I should be able to do my own man crush monday, with the one man I'll be crushin' on til the end of my days. 

Meet Loverboy. 

I am marrying this man in NINETY-FIVE days you guys!!! That's less than 100! And let's just say that I am pumped out of my socks about this fact (that's a thing, right?).

Here are a couple little tid-bits about my Mr. to-be. He genuinely cares about how people are actually doing and is a listening ear to many. He is a constant learner and teacher, always trying to figure things out and then sharing his new-found knowledge with anyone with two ears and a brain in-between. He works hard and seeks the Lord in all his endeavors. He serves tirelessly, loves fiercely, feels deeply, and seeks to know me endlessly.

So my man crush for this Monday, and Tuesday, and every day from now until we meet Jesus is this patient, kind, good man who I get to walk alongside for the rest of my life- this man who is too good for me and who the Lord has abundantly blessed me with. He's a keeper.... so I'm gonna!

P.S. Enjoy the sneak-peak of our engagement photos, captured by the ever-lovely and talented Megan Nicole Photography! More to come, loves. 

P.P.S. Who even posts man crush mondays at 8 o'clock in the morning?? I guess grown ups who have to go to work. Toodles!

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  1. THIS is wonderful. I'm so very happy for you, Dear HB. Love from Memphis!


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