Thursday, June 12, 2014

Interior Inspiration: Dreaming

Loverboy and I have spent more than a few hours lately working on our wedding registry and dreaming about what our future place will look like. I must admit that it gives me strange kind of butterflies toward this man when he expresses how excited he is to see how our place will be decorated and that he's pretty sure we'll have the coolest apartment/house ever. Major points right there.

Today I read an article about defining your style. It was interesting because I don't know if I've nailed mine down yet. I so often feel torn between modern and vintage, sparce and cluttered, color and black & white... that I'm not really sure what my style is. As we have been registering there has been more than one occasion where Loverboy just laughs at me because I can't decide, or because I simply love two things that are so completely opposite. 

But regardless of what my style is, there's just something in me that loves pretty things! I love when a room is beautiful and welcoming, when there are so many things to look at and appreciate, but also a balanced simplicity. I delight in patterns and colors, florals and geometrics. I guess it's just the design nerd in me, but when this part of me is encouraged, I start to dream. I dream of ways that I can make my current space pretty. I dream of future blank walls and empty shelves, just waiting to be covered and filled. So dream with me...


  1. May I hire you to be my designer in our future space? Your pay: a salmon dinner now and then? With a "pop" of color...specifically, avocado/tomato/basil yumminess?

  2. Um, can I go ahead and predict that your little love-nest will be the cutest ever?

  3. Pam... YES. I will definitely design your new space for salmon. Personally, I think you're getting the raw end of the deal. ;)

    Jenny... Thanks! I sure do hope so! We'll see though... pinterest-y decor and style can be a tricky, elusive thing! Also, we NEED to catch up!


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