Saturday, May 25, 2013


I think this may be a summer about learning a bit more about solitude. I've had some really beautiful moments already, in which I've been able to bask in creation and soak it all up. The dock at night, hammock time, and hikes in state parks have all allowed me to just be silent (not to mention a trip to the library this afternoon!). I used to really not like solitude, silence, stillness. But I'm really beginning to appreciate them as life is continually getting busier, filled with more people, activity, and noise. 

Solitude allows me to not only be alone, but to be alone with Jesus. "Happiness only real when shared." This thought from the movie/book "Into the Wild" has struck me multiple times this week as I've experienced some incredible beauty. I have been tempted to feel lonely. I have reached out to friends, to anyone who will come experience this with me. But what I have been forgetting is that I always have my closest friend with me. I have been forgetting that yes, it may be true that happiness is only real when it's shared, but I can always share it with Jesus! 


So here's to embracing solitude this summer- to sharing my moments of wonder, awe, and happiness with Jesus.

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