Monday, May 13, 2013


I'M IN COLORADO! Oh this beautiful state, how I love thee! I am once again headed to the Glen Eyrie in Colorado Springs for our semi-annual Summit Training. And although this will be my third time there, today has been a day of firsts

My very first time flying alone! It definitely helped that I was flying out of Lincoln, NE... home of the Lincoln airport with approximately four gates and one tiny, non-threatening security area. I enjoyed the tiny little puddle-jumper sitting squished next to a middle-aged man flying to Canada. When I got to the Denver airport I was surprised by its size- not quite the same as the four-gated Lincoln airport! :) BUT, I am proud to say that I figured everything out and maneuvered my way through many long hallways, down a few escalators, on a train, more hallways and escalators, and to the door where I waited for my aunt to pick me up.

I went back to my aunt's house, where I currently am waiting for a friend to pick me up to take me the rest of the way to Colorado Springs. This morning has been productive and LONG (I woke up at 5am and CO is an hour behind NE). We decided to whip up some yummy dessert and I got to enjoy my first time making baklava! It was crispy and gooey and oh so delicious! It was also super fun (if not a bit time-consuming) to make! We forgot to cut ours before baking it, so it ended up falling apart when we did end up cutting it, but I don't care! I still think it looks beautiful and it tasted delicious! Try out the recipe here.

Soon I will be headed off to the Glen where I will enjoy a week of spiritual encouragement, leadership training, and more! So I am happy to say that the day is only half over and I've gotten to experience some new things- some scary and stretching, others fun and experimental. What "firsts" have you experienced today?

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  1. Hmmmm...I have picked up people at the airport before; you have visited without the rest of your family before; I made baklava before...not sure if today had any "firsts" for me, but I sure did enjoy your company for a few hours this morning!


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