Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Reflections on Raising Support

It's crazy to me that God uses something as uncomfortable, awkward, and at-times frustrating as raising support to bless me. To teach me and to grow me. To make me depend on Him.

The majority of the time I feel like raising support is so overwhelming. For two reasons.

One. The obvious. Asking people- friends, family, strangers, for money is hard. Especially when I look at the amount to be raised. (So, wanna support me? <--- See??? Awkward. Uncomfortable.)

This photo accurately depicts my reaction to
receiving support.
But reason number two; it isn't so obvious. It's been much more of a surprise and kind of feels like a kick in the gut. In the best way possible. Two is that it is so overwhelming to see how many people have come behind me. How many people sacrifice every month to invest in God's kingdom through me. How many people are now connected to and a part of the story that God is writing here at UW- Eau Claire.

God uses something as trivial as money to draw me closer to Him. And to show me that He loves me. I feel His love when I scroll through my account, looking at all the names of those who support me. I feel like a giddy little kid when I log on and see a new gift, or when I get to share with someone how God is using their support in students' (and my) lives. I know that He has provided every donor, every gift, and that it is His pouring His grace on me. He is proving His faithfulness over and over again.

So support raising can be uncomfortable and awkward... but it can also be fun, encouraging, and delightful. Just this week I made a bunch of phone calls and it was wonderful getting to reconnect with people, sharing what God's been doing and listening to how they've been growing as well. So not only do I get to feel blessed by God through the money side of raising support, but also through the relationships with people that I wouldn't get to experience as deeply otherwise.

I love my job! Bring on the awkward if it also means I get all the good stuff!

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  1. I love the expressions of the two kids on the right! They have a little mischief in their eyes.

    We can all do a happy dance as we give AND work...being ambassadors for Christ where we are (I read II Corinthians 5:20 this morning!).


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