Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Guest Post: Love God and Do as You Please

Editor's Note: Jenny Tokheim currently lives in Spain where she is part of a program called G42 Leadership Academy. She gets to look at the Mediterranean Sea all the time (that's what I gather from her Facebook photos) and grow and learn and hang out with really sweet people. I met Jenny when I spent the summer after my freshman year serving alongside with her with an organization called TeenServe. In the past four years, she has been an immense encouragement to me and my walk with Jesus. Jenny blogs over at Jenny4Jesus, where she has tons of neat ponderings, poems, and photos... check it out for more about her life in Spain! - HB

Love God and Do as You Please

When HB asked me to write a little ditty for her lovely blog, I wasn’t quite sure which direction to run in. I like to share about what Jesus is up to in this heart and mind of mine, but honestly, God has been shaping me in such crazy ways in this current season that I don’t recognize myself from week to week. It is a good thing to be shaped by the love of God.

I’m in a season of life and a place where Kingdom dreams get hashed out and brought to life, and in the spirit of that dreaming and planning, I wanted to issue a little challenge. It isn’t going to be long, at least in print, but if you really take some time and search that heart of yours, I think you’ll find some hidden [or not so hidden] treasure.

Over the past year, a quote from St. Augustine has been brought up numerous times, and I believe it’s worth some consideration. It’s seemingly a bit controversial, but I don’t believe it has to be too complicated.

“Love God and do as you please.”

Now that’s a loaded statement. Set aside what you think you know for a moment. Take a deep breath.

What if God has placed, in that very heart of yours, a Kingdom dream, a Kingdom purpose for His glory that would cause your heart to jump up and down with excitement? What if the outcome of your life with God was not only full of holiness, but also really exciting?

Friend, here’s the challenge:

Ask Him. Ask Him how He’s made you. Search that heart of yours that longs to serve Him, and I think you’ll find a beautiful dream for His glory. Reading this blog posting of mine won’t change your life, friend, but interacting and dreaming with the Living God certainly will. You can take my word for it.

So go! Right now! Pull out some paper and a pen, go for a walk, start playing some tunes---do whatever it is you do to meet with God, and ask Him to show you what, “Love God and do as you please,” means in your own life. Perhaps He’s given you a passion that you never thought was “spiritual enough” to be used for His glory. Maybe you’ve forgotten a part of your heart’s cry in order to be successful or accepted. Or, maybe you just need to be encouraged by the truth that God cares about that heart of yours.

Enjoy Him and this life He’s given you!

Joyfully His,

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