Monday, February 4, 2013

Wing it

So naturally, I'm a planner. Every and any personality test I've taken has told me that. I will tell you that. You'd better believe that my staff team will tell you that. But sometimes it's nice to wing it.

The extremely cheesy, cliche, oh-so-terribly-teen saying, YOLO [you only live once] actually has some truth to it. Besides the fact that you do only live once on this earth, in this body, it also speaks to how preciously short life is. Now please don't hear me saying I think we should all go out and party it up while we still can. No. Just that life is short, and so why not take risks? Why not go for it? I feel like Jesus was a risk-taker. He knew how short this life is, and that you only get one shot at it. [Well... unless you are Him]. But He was willing to go out of His way, willing to disrupt any "schedule" that He may have had, in order to love people better.

So, if you are a type-A planner like I am, why not wing it sometimes? Why not take a risk today, this week? Do something out of the ordinary, go out of your way to love. Disrupt your schedule, get out of your comfort zone. Wing it.

1 comment:

  1. It's funny because you're the third child, you were the baby forever, and you're the last girl, so according to every birth order specialist, you should be wild, free, and totally unplanned. Gosh, our family is so type A! poor Micah, the only true rebel of the family.


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