Sunday, February 17, 2013

Weekend Wrap-Up

It's been awhile since I've done a Weekend Wrap-Up... and it feels good to be back! :) Hope you lovelies all had a wonderful weekend... what better way to end it by enjoying some tunes, inspiration, craftiness, and a sweet reminder about who's really in charge... as well as a yummy, easy treat!




1. Buy Bulletin Board
2. Buy cute scrapbook paper at a craft store [I got mine at Michaels]
3. Paint the border of your board so it's not that cheap wood look
4. Arrange your paper, and staple!


Check out this portion from "Jesus Calling" by Sarah Young on January 31st:
I am your strength and shield. I plan out each day and have it ready for you, long before you arise from bed. I also provide the strength you need each step of the way. Instead of assessing your energy level and wondering about what's on the road ahead, concentrate on staying in touch with Me. My Power flows freely into you through our open communication. Refuse to waste energy worrying, and you will have strength to spare.


[image here]

You must try this delicious appetizer! I made it for New Years, as well as for a little get together with some friends a couple weeks ago. Click here for the recipe! It's super simple and has been a hit!

There's still a bit of time left in the weekend... go out there and make it count!

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