Thursday, February 7, 2013

'Tis the Season for Change

Like clockwork, around the new year I always get antsy to start new things, change things up, take risks, and lay it all out there. However, I usually reign myself in because ideas haven't been thoroughly processed, people consulted, or questions asked. So it just so happens, that about a month or two later I actually start doing all those thoughts that were rolling around in the old noggin as the ball dropped weeks earlier.

All that being said, you may have noticed some changes around here at "The Things That Make Us Tick." KC will be dipping out and I [HB] will be the main writer. The vision of the blog is changing too, and I hope that you will not only come along with me on this adventure, but that you will bring your friends too!

I'm going to be inviting guest bloggers to write about the things that make them tick... whether it be adoption or weddings, organization or music. So keep your eyes open for lots of inspiration, passion, and love!  I'll be opening the floor for submissions in a bit... I have some lovelys in mind that will be starting us off. As of yet, not much has been implemented, but I hope to be slowly weeding things out and adding things in over the weeks and months to come. If you have any sweet ideas, drop me a line.

I'll still be chronicling my journey with EDGE Corps, as well as using this as a personal, lifestyle blog. SO... join me? :)

A little bit of passion inspiration to get things rolling:

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  1. Regarding your ending about asking friends to write about what drives them in life...what is their passion...what lights their fire to get up in the morning?

    I read Acts 3 last night with a group of friends. Someone asked, "Do you think Peter and John planned on healing the lame man so that they could use that as an opportunity to preach to the crowd?" I don't think so. I think they woke up in the morning and had plans to go to the temple to worship and pray, just like we plan to go to church on Sunday mornings. And, along the way, the Spirit prompted them to stop and take notice of the lame man. One of my passions: to have the Spirit urge me to take notice of ordinary situations and see how He will use me as a funnel of His love and power into that situation. Blessings to you, passionate daughter!


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