Monday, January 28, 2013

Better, not bitter

Today I was talking with a dear old [and in some ways new] friend, and we got to talking about the past. About the way things had been, things that were said, things that were done [or not done]. We talked about how we view ourselves and how others view us and why things happened the way the did. We mourned our losses and chalked so much up to "it is what it is." And in the end, this is what we concluded: we cannot become bitter. 

Even when we are tempted to hold onto our hurts and our failures. Even when it feels good to hold a grudge or get revenge. Even when we feel justified in our pain. We have to choose to walk away with the lessons, the learning, the growth, and leave the bitterness and "justified" hurt behind. God has so much bigger things for us when we are free to fully love and invest, and that can't come out of bitterness. It has to come out of a place of acceptance, forgiveness, and security in Christ. 


  1. Thanks for the reminder! These are valuable thoughts for all of life, and this lesson is one that has to be re-learned almost every time I'm hurt. It's just not natural to forgive, but it's super-natural...empowered by the Holy Spirit! So thank you again, because I'll need this message again and again and again!

  2. YEA...Amen... Count me in this leaving stuff behind and walking in the present with our Father's Presence and Power smeared all over us, which alone can heal and grow and bear Kingdom fruit out of that which was once a fleshly pit!


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