Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Little Steps

A couple years back I went to Romania over Christmas break and worked in some orphanages. I (being me) kept a blog for that adventure as well, and recently went back and read some of my earliest posts about fundraising.

It is humorous for me to read my Junior self talking about having to raise $2800 and how much of a daunting task that was. God was SO preparing me for this time in life where I am asked to raise more than 10 times that much! It is so neat to see how I was learning little steps of trust and seeing God provide, to see how I watched my percentage slowly rise and actually get to 100%.

It's funny how God works, uses events in our past to teach us and prepare us for the present. How He is using today to prepare us for tomorrow. As I look back on my fundraising past, I remember having to raise a few hundred for a trip to NYC, then around $1000 for Mexico, then the daunting $2800 for Romania... and how all the while God was just building up my trust, showing me that He could and would provide, no matter the amount.

And now I get to see Him show up again, only this time it's magnified beyond all my past experiences. God is so good! How precious that He wants so badly for me to know this lesson, this idea of absolute and total trust and dependence on Him, that He patiently teaches it to me over and over again! In the past it has been little steps, but as I am learning and growing, He is asking me to take leaps and bounds, and all the while trust Him.

[In case you're curious, this post was a good reminder about the need for people to send, and this one was fun to read as I can relate to it now, but just at a much higher level!]


  1. Oh, little steps of obedience! Someday you'll look back at this and think, "Wow, that was great and it totally prepared me for this, this, and this!" I'm so glad I get to do this crazy life with a friend like you, HB!

  2. When I think of stepping out in faith, I think of the steps the Israelite priests who were carrying the ark took as they had to cross the Jordan. They stepped into the rushing waters as they were still rushing! How scary, and we'd even think "how dumb!" But faith often looks "dumb" as we step forward. What did God do as they walked forward? See Joshua 3:16-17: "the waters which were flowing down from above stood and rose up in one heap... And the priests who carried the ark of the covenant of the Lord STOOD FIRM ON DRY GROUND IN THE MIDDLE OF THE JORDAN while all Israel crossed on dry ground...." Pretty amazing, huh? Trusting God with you for daunting tasks, Your mom


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