Saturday, July 28, 2012

Weekend Wrap-Up

Happy weekend! Just a few things that I have enjoyed lately... hope you enjoy as well! 

+ So apparently these may be limited time and only at participating McDonalds.... so get in your car and drive over to your MickeyD's immediately to find out if they have them... dipped cones! Hard shell of chocolate around the normal soft-serve cones= AMAZING!

+ Check out the Facebook page for the new Davies center! It's opening for a bit on Monday and I hope to be there! Maybe I can provide you all with some sneak peaks! :)

+ I'm currently digging this song...

+ I'm thinking of getting into running more... I would love to run a 5k someday. Here's a "couch to 5k" chart I found that looks like it could be promising. Maybe someday isn't too far away? :)


  1. Heather Leigh BLOCK. I WANT TO RUN A 5K as well! can we train together? I'm totally serious.

    1. Yes! For realsies! I know it can happen.... I just need to stick to it! :)


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