Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Truth Tuesday: A Gentle Whisper

1 Kings 19

Fundraising is going to change the way I think about a lot of things.
I know that without a doubt, but I thought for my life to be changed in a radical way a radical thing had to happen.
In my mind,
Radical = a big huge event
Very rarely do I think of radical as something small or quiet like “a gentle whisper”.

Last week, all I wanted was confirmation that I was doing the right thing; that I was actually called to be a part of Edge Corps, that what I was doing was enough, that I wasn’t alone. I wanted something big to reaffirm me. I wanted to feel something. I wanted to cry. I wanted something big.

Nope, I couldn’t cry. I didn’t feel anything. Nothing radical happened.

Or at least my concept of radical didn’t happen. But God was all over last week.

The Lord told Elijah He was going to pass by the mountain he was on.  Great winds came, an earthquake happened, and fire occurred, but the Bible says God was not in any of those things.

(Those are big things and they change a lot about the landscape of the earth.  I find myself thinking “Elijah, how were you not moved by those things?”)

How cool is it that Elijah was moved by a whisper?! A whisper.
He waited through 3 huge events. He knew that wasn’t the Lord speaking to him.

God does move and speak in big ways, but sometimes He wants us to be patient and wait for His gentle whisper.

My prayer is to wait on the Lord. He is faithful and He will provide for my desire to feel something, to be moved. Maybe it will be in big ways, but I want to be so in tune that I will wait and not miss His whisper.

P.S: I also really like this song: ENJOY


  1. I LOVE THAT YOU POSTED THIS!! that passage was so close to my heart last summer!! and it continues to encourage me to this day.


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