Monday, June 11, 2012

Conversations with God

So I've been trying this new thing lately where I have conversations with God. [And by new I mean yesterday] I recently read this article about talking to God and then letting Him talk back through you. Now, this isn't weird, mystical stuff. It's simply saying out loud what you feel God is putting on your heart. Anyway, I've done this before through writing where I have had a conversation with God and write down what I feel like He is wanting me to know about whatever I'm worried about. And it's been pretty cool. I don't take it as Biblical truth or divine prophesy, but it usually does line up pretty well with scripture. And on the plus-side of this talking-out-loud-convo-with-God thing, it's great for us external processors! :)

Here's my latest convo [un-edited, full of my naive flesh]:

Me: God, help me to be nice.
God: Heather, I don't want you to just be nice. I want you to love.
Me: But how do I love when I get so frustrated?
God: How did I love when people were frustrating?
Me: Well, you were God.
God: You have the Holy Spirit in you, don't you?
Me: Crap.

Try it sometime. God will get ya! Plus, you just might get a glimpse into God's heart for you.

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  1. I love that you do this too Heather! Conversations with God OUT LOUD are sometimes the only thing that help me work it out with Him. If I have to think about it enough to put thoughts into speech, He helps me process it with Him. Thanks for the reminder of our sweet connections to our Dad!


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