Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Yeah for Colorado Springs!

We are in Colorado Springs!

It was a road trip to remember!

After two days of traveling, it was great to arrive at
“The Glen” (as it is known) and finally be out of the seated position.

“The Glen” is one of the most beautiful places ever!
No worries, pictures will be coming (you’re welcome Mom).

Our roommates are from Texas and Tennessee.
HB has already picked up the word “y’all”.
& many others enjoy our lovely Midwest accents.

But after some hiking and delicious food, sleep is a must.
We will update all that we are up to soon.

Until then, enjoy the photo montage ….

Gothenburg, NE & the pony express!

The Midwest Edgers... minus Kristin. Notice our AWESOME free pot holders that "Deb's grandma" [the owner of the bakery] gave us at the local donut shop! 

We are finally friends.

Welcome to COLORADO!
(can you find Patrick?)

Flying by Denver.


  1. did you wave as you "flew" by Denver? I thought of you today trekking down I-76, then I-25. Have a great time at The Glen and try to find an opportunity to hike up to the waterfall.

  2. Yeehaw the pony express and Daylight donuts!!!


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